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16th April, I'm in Town looking for some fun.

Adam Smith Institute - The bloggers are coming to town

Wednesday April 16th, and the bloggers are out in strength at the Adam Smith Institute. The evening's theme is "Curbing the Crap Artists," with three top line bloggers to show how.

It starts at 6.30pm in the ASI's Westminster offices. Ask Steve nicely for an invitation at events@adamsmith.org.

I'm booked in for it, and Στέλιος Χατζηιωάννου is putting me up in his Victoria pad for the night... (£38 as I opted for the cell with a window). So I will be looking for some debauchery after the serious stuff at the ASI and before I cuddle down with the best that the back streets behind Victoria Station has to offer.

If you fancy a drink, let's meet.


I shall be there, so I shall join you for a few pint of the finest foaming...


I doubt i i'll be coming but thanks for the tip about the hotel. Even countrymen like myself might now be able to get down to the smoke without it costing a fortune.

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