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Pub News - Ban the lot of them!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Minister attacks alcohol tax rise

Licensing minister Gerry Sutcliffe has suggested the government was wrong to increase alcohol taxes in the Budget.

He told a newspaper pubs were "right to be upset" - but he later distanced himself from the remarks saying he actually supported the price rises.

The Publican - Home - Budget will cause 8,000 pub closures
A pubco chief has today sent out a “Mayday warning” to the government, claiming that 8,000 pubs face closure as a result of the Budget.

Speaking to MPs, supermarket representatives and trade figures in Parliament, Jonathan Neame, chief executive of Shepherd Neame, said there was “visceral resentment” towards government as a result of the tax hikes on alcohol.

"It’s too late to save some pubs. The implication is profound. When history looks back, it will remember two things: the needless loss of pubs and the arrogance and thoughtlessness of government.”


The Puritans Have WON.

ban smoking, customers dont go in, pubs shut, increase tax to pay for the loss of income from pubs, More pubs shut.

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