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New Labour Macht Frei

Iain Dale has noticed something about the logo from tomorrow's Progressive Governance Summit which Gordon Brown is hosting. Does it remind you of anything? I wonder how long it will last on THIS page of the Number Ten Website.

Um, yes in a certain light there does seem to be a resemblance to something, can't quite put my finger on it though.....



Promoting prosperity? Yes, many people have prospered under new labour. Like f*$%in' hell they have! No! Tell a lie! CUNTS have prospered. Opps!

Ha, ha, ha, third time lucky! Politics is better than war!

Tried the progov.pm.gov site but you need to be registered to view it. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

Does nobody look at these things before they roll them out?

If not, it rather makes one wonder why State web sites are always so unbelievably expensive.

If they're not spending the money on quality control and good practices, what are they spending it on?

I told you at Yalta that we hadn't won the Great War against Faschismus.

The biercellars of Bavaria have transmuted to the winebars of Belgravia.

Long Live the State whoose tools we all are.

All Hail Fuhrer Braun & his cheery band of Gauleiters/Gauleitereinen !!

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