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That Progressive Governance Swastika - the designer tells all.

puffbox.com No10’s new microsite by Puffbox

Fresh from its success with Twitter, 10 Downing Street is preparing for a weekend of social media experimentation, in association with Puffbox.

This Saturday, Gordon Brown is hosting a gathering of around 20 left-leaning world leaders under the banner of Progressive Governance, ....


The site went live late this afternoon - sort of. There’s very little to see so far: the supporting materials, and our ideas of what to do with them, are still coming together. In fact, I fully expect to be coding up new templates and functions live on the day. I know rapid development has become a bit of a Puffbox trademark, but we’ve never cut it quite this fine before. :) ...

If you’re interested to see what we make of it, believe me - so am I.

Get much sleep last night, Simon? And did you design the logo or was it one Gordon had doodled as he dreamt of world domination?


For the record - no, I didn't design the logo.

But as far as the website is concerned, I don't think there's any shame whatsoever in launching early and improving incrementally. It's what any successful web business does, particularly a small startup like my own. Depending on the material we get on the day, we have a list of things we might do with it - almost all, incidentally, based on open source tools.

Er, which party leader was proposing exactly such an approach earlier this week?

Please tell me that logo is part of your contribution to the savage political satire.

Bugger! It isn't. Now I genuinely fear for the country's future.

Looks like they've twigged: I'm getting a 401 Authorisation Required

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