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More Governmental Logo Balls

End of the rainbow debacle? Not yet : April 2008 : Three Line Whip : Politics : Telegraph Blogs

I fear it’s a dunce’s hat for Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, whose department’s recently-unveiled logo — designed at a cost of over £5,000 — is, er, a six-coloured rainbow.

As every child knows, rainbows have seven colours, hence the mnemonic: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.
The inaccurate logo remains on the departmental website, yet Balls’s people now claim that it is generations of schoolchildren, and not they, who are in error.

I blame bloody designers and their Apples - the old logo only had six colours (and in the wrong order) (Ducks from the Devils wrath).


I was always more of a ROY G BIV man myself during GCSE Physics.

So we accept that it isn't hit fault. However as he was responsible for education then he has clearly failed that. Basic stuff. I bet they are off the charts on PC issues such as gay and black rights.

What never fails to boggle the mind, after following the link to the different logos, is that inevitably one from that company's past will be much more interesting than the current one. But another problem arises in that many of these designers knowledge of the companies they design for is virtually nonexistent.

During the 70's NBC in the US had its corporate logo redone for an extimated total cost of $5 million, including the redesigning of the new logo, stationary, signage, etc., but the designers failed to notice that a small public TV station in Nebraska had been using the exact same logo, designed by a local artist in a contest, for over a decade. To keep the logo NBC paid almost a million dollars to the station in cash and equipment after losing in court and then dropped the new logo three years later. The designers are probably still working and complaining about all those nitpickers that fail to understand the boldness and necessity of redesigning logos every six months.

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