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Rachel Johnson - No one gives a huq about my blog....

Rachel S Johnson
complains in The Sunday Times:
I don’t get blogging. It’s not only that I’m reluctant to write for nothing. ... Still, a few weeks ago I started to write one. It’s very easy - even a middle-aged woman can do it. I wrote about what I was making for supper that night. And food shopping in the Portobello market. Then I checked to see the global response to my debut. Nothing. On my next five posts? Zero comments....

Well, there is no danger of me having a coronary at my laptop triggered by exhaustion and anxiety about page hit rates. It’s quick and easy to start a blog, as I’ve discovered. It’s even quicker and easier to stop.

Harder to get attention in the cut throat world of blogs than the cosy newspaper world, eh? Go on, go and give her a comment on her blog - you know you want to...


No, actually, I don't want to - there is nothing there to inspire exchange of communication !

Alan Douglas

Poor woman.

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