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Gardening Advice - How to get out of digging the vegetable patch.


Tip 1: Find pointy thing underground and offer to get pickaxe to dig it out. "It just needs a good whack to free it..."


UPDATE: On closer examination it turned out to be made of rubber and be a conical mount/spring from some agricultural machine - must have been in the load of muck I dug in with the digger last winter.


Whoa! Now the government is gonna clear your veggie patch.

UXB, capped pipe or something trivial?

From the shape of the object and its depth in the ground (presuming undisturbed soil) it looks like a late medieval ancestor of these clever little chaps:


Best call Ann Summers, Time Team and the Bomb Squad to square all the bases.

As a matter of interest, what exactly is the procedure when you uncover something that might possibly be a UXB?

Try not to touch the device with the spade,clear the area and call 999. And follow Corporal Jones' advice. This has got a link to CCTV of a 50kg German bomb being detonated in a controlled manner in Coventry city centre earlier this year:

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