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Stick to your last

BBC NEWS | Health | Ethnic clothes mental health link

Bangladeshi pupils who wore traditional clothing were significantly less likely to have mental health problems than those whose style of dress was a mix of traditional and white British styles.

When this was broken down by gender, it appeared that only girls were affected.

No similar effect was found in white British adolescents who chose a mixture of clothes from their own and other cultures.

Make of that what you will, I will stick to my own traditional ethnic clothes. Checked shirt, mustard cords, tweed jacket and rambler-kicker brogues.


Of course one could explain this by saying that it proves white Brit kids are better equipped psychologically to adapt to changing circumstances. But doubtless that would be considered an attack on too many pc and multiculti sacred cows.

Instead we will no doubt see calls for Real Outfit Officers, Ethnic Fashion Workshops and the rest of the pc brigade's fund securing tactics.

"Checked shirt, mustard cords, tweed jacket and rambler-kicker brogues."

And that's your FORMAL attire...

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