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Let it snow...

Bellamy's theory that good skiing disproves climate change 'is hot air' - Scotsman.com News

SCOTLAND has enjoyed its best ski season for a decade – but experts have insisted the spell of cold weather is no sign that climate change is a myth....

In his letter, printed earlier this week, Dr Bellamy, a self-proclaimed global-warming sceptic, said: "The Scottish skiing season is expected to extend into May. What is more, it is almost a decade since the global high-temperature record was last broken, with world temperatures now flat-lining or falling.

"The time has surely come for the people of Scotland to realise that man-made global warming possibly never was or, if it was, that it has come to an end."...

...Duncan McLaren, chief executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, disputed the claim that the cold winter disproved global warming.
"One year's regional statistics are not proof of a global trend and the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly that the global trend is one of warming at a dangerous rate."..

Dr David Coley, global-warming expert from the Centre for Energy and the Environment at Exeter University, said there was no scientific evidence to support any theory that global warming was non- existent.

"The fact that climate change is occurring doesn't mean there's a uniform warming across the planet at any one time. It's not a simple case that everything just gets warmer without any natural variability,"

And he said the temperature of the sea was a far more accurate way to measure global warming.

"One cold winter doesn't mean anything, one warm summer doesn't mean anything," he said. "But if you look at the sea temperature, that takes a very long time to change and they are all rising."

Except they are not, slightly cooling maybe, but the most accurate readings taken by 3000 robotic worldwide sensors show that There has been no significant change of the ocean temperature since 2003. Have these "experts" got no shame?


if they had shame, they'd have no funding

if they had shame, they'd have no funding

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