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Would make a change from The King's Arms

Today.Azerbaijan - English pub The Camel's Toe

Azerbaijan is among the most tolerant countries of the world.

However, foreign citizens, residing in our country, should not make use of this tolerance.

We will present a little example, which reflects disrespect of British citizens towards the local population. It should noted that we do not try to wage international enmity, we are just presenting a fact.

A pub named The Camel's Toe which initially seems to mean what it means -"A toe of a camel" functions in the very center of Baku, several meters away from the passage, at 22. Mamedaliyev street.

But, in fact the name has a double meaning. .......

A question comes to mind: was it named so on purpose? And what does the logotype of the pub, which locates in one of the most popular streets of Baku, mean?

See photo in linked article.


The reason you rarely get locals in that pub is because the beer is at "expat" prices and there's no pool table. And because there are no slappers allowed in!

The notion that the girls only work where there are no locals is laughable.

But most pubs in Baku these days are full of all nationalities including young local lads who are adopting the drunken yob British culture with admirable enthusiasm.


Oh fucking well done! The anonymous bra-burner who penned this exemplary piece of investigative journalism has got her way.

Or maybe it was written by the proprietor of one of the many rival pubs in the Pubic Triangle. If so it has seriously backfired because there is a lot of sympathy with the lady owner of this now nameless bar and it will be packed out this evening when the footie starts.

We'll drink a few and christen the new sign before it is hung outside.

The new name of this establishment in a tribute to the forces of law and order that effected this change?

Hello, hello, hello...



Either she has a dick or is that ugly even a drunken Scotsman wouldn't touch it. So her frustrated revenge due to her Dildo battery running flat was to write some crap and have it closed.

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