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The call of the beaver

Hunt launched for beavers illegally released into wild - Scotsman.com News

...at the moment it is a criminal offence to let them into the wild, and is punishable with a maximum two-year jail term or unlimited fine.

Although the animals have not be seen, teeth marks on tree stumps are evidence that they are on the loose....

Mr Gaywood fears the creatures must be lonely, and said that is one reason why they should be caught as quickly as possible.....

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is leading efforts to catch the beavers, trying to entice them into traps with carrots and apples....

"Carrots and apples" have never worked for me when tracking down lonely wild beaver, something sparkling and chilled with oysters is a better bet.....


Anybody know what their teeth marks look like?

I was thinking of carving some into our local telegraph poles, garden fences, and park benches just to confuse the enviro-nazis.

Pity it is not November, they could use the tools provided for another hunt -


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