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Grousing that green energy schemes will ruin the environment.

Will giant pylons mean this is the last dance for iconic Grouse? - Scotsman.com News...the black grouse remains under threat, especially those that flock to Ardverikie.

Three years ago, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission, a subsidiary of Scottish & Southern Energy , and SP Transmission, a subsidiary of ScottishPower, published a proposed route for a 400,000-volt overhead electricity transmission line. Since then, a £10 million public inquiry has heard the merits and downsides of the 137-mile line, which would cost £350 million to erect.

The energy companies insist the line is vital to transfer power from green energy initiatives in Scotland's most northerly regions to markets in the Central Belt and England. Conservationists, however, point to the nuts and bolts of the scheme: some 600 vast pylons, each up to 213ft high, which they claim would forever taint the area's natural beauty.

More than 18,000 objections have been submitted, and many organisations believe the plan would wreak environmental havoc. It is opposed by the likes of the National Trust for Scotland, the John Muir Trust, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, the Cairngorms National Park Authority and the Ramblers' Association.

In its submissions to the inquiry, the RSPB has made clear its fears over six lek sites where black grouse congregate....

It is not just the whirlygigs themselves but the whole apparatus of operating that creates this environmental madness, is there no end to it?


To say nothing of the huge power losses in the 137 miles of cable.

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