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Britannia ponces about ineffectually on the waves.

Irons in the Fire: Oh Britain, how you have fallen:

While the French were flying six of the captured pirates to Paris to face trial, the British Foreign Office issued a directive to the once vaunted Royal Navy not to detain any pirates, because doing so could violate their human rights. British warships patrolling the pirate-infested waters off Somalia were advised that captured pirates could claim asylum in Britain and that those who were returned to Somalia faced beheading for murder or a hand chopped off for theft under Islamic law.

According to the International Maritime Bureau, the anti-piracy watchdog of the International Chamber of Commerce, over the past 10 years 3,200 seafarers have been kidnapped, 500 injured and 160 killed.

Claim asylum? Claim asylum on the end of a yardarm with my good friend Henry the Hempen rope would be more fitting. These pirate "hostages" become slaves, two hundred proud years of patrolling the seven seas boarding slavers and dispatching pirates comes to end because we are worried about the "human rights" of the pirates and that if we drag them back to Blighty all they will do is claim asylum.


Weeeeeelllllll. A captain could interpret that instruction as reading: "Take no prisoners."

The Navy does have a fine tradition of interpreting its orders creatively, after all. Hell! That's how Nelson became the country's greatest national hero.

"I see no ships," anyone?

Yep, shoot the buggers on site.

Regardless of the cost of the shell that sinks the pirate vessel with all hands onboard. Its cheeper than feeding the captured pirates, It closes the door for any of the pirates from seeking Asylum and it helps the planet by feeding the fish. Human Right what about the fishes rights?

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