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Have you seen the little piggies Crawling in the dirt?

MEPs vote to cover up expenses inquiry - Telegraph

Members of the European Parliament voted yesterday to cover up a report showing widespread abuse of allowances worth £125 million every year.

They also threw out demands from a public information watchdog for scrutiny of generous pension perks.

What do you expect if you put pigs in charge of their own feed store? They don't even care any more that we can see how corrupt they are.


This makes my blood boil.

We pay for these fuckers even though most of them aren't elected by us, and they fuck up our lives on a daily basis with more EU regulations, and they will not even tell us what they're pissing our money away on...

I wonder if that's because they know people wouldn't be happy, and might kick their arses off the gravy train?

P.S. do you realise you have some environMENTAL adverts on some of your blog entries?

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