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Darling's Green Fig Leaf Slips Revealing His Naked Greed

'Useless' green levy on drivers rakes in £4bn - Telegraph

The "green levy" on motorists announced in Alistair Darling's first Budget will double car tax revenue to £4 billion but reduce vehicle emissions by less than one per cent, Treasury figures have showed...
Mr Darling claimed that the duty increase was designed to encourage motorists to switch to greener cars and to reduce the environmental impact of driving...
The car tax increase is the latest example of policies that may be unpalatable being repackaged as environmental measures.

It's a con, and more and more people realise it is a con, and whilst they shrug their shoulders at the cant as it increasingly hits them in the pocket they will start punishing the bogusmongers.


Even if you believe in AGW, it's a stupid way to tax people. Someone who buys an X5 isn't polluting if they never take it on the road.

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