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The Sun is Shining - I'm Off to Work.

Work is the curse of the blogging class, no time for sitting indoors today. The Devil's Kitchen is on fire yesterday and today ripping apart the EU, NHS, Labour wankers, and even Oxford Students. Far better stuff than the meagre gruel you would have read here, and I suppose I ought to warn you far swearier...


Thanks for the Devil's Kitchen link, there was a correct point about "Obamatronomics" that required filling in despite some stupid, zelous supporters: It's not only his poor grasp of economics but of "sociologics". The "Patriot Employer Act" he supports seeks to institutionalize a Corporate-Government *synergy* unlike anything seen since...oh, 1932 Italy and Germany.
It creates tax advantages and preferences on government contracts with those Corporation which "play ball" and allow the elimination of the secret ballot for union voting, while setting in place a blackmail situation where politicians can essentially demand donations or "revoke" a company's "patriot" status. Nice bit of kit, very nearly the definition of F*ism...
It's economics straight out of the 1930's Progressive Playbook typical of a "Chicago Man"...if you mean one like Al Capone or some other thuggish Union leg-breaker.

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