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Seeing red over going green

Eco-friendly wood burning
Wood burners operate at around 75% efficiency meaning that 75% of the heat generated by burning the wood is radiated out into the room and only 25% is lost up the chimney. By comparison an open fire is likely to operate at around 15-20% efficiency

I was going to show how I spent a happy few hours at the weekend fettling and welding a collared register plate to fix a high efficiency log burner in the place of my very inefficient open fireplace. I could have even said how pleased I was when I tried it out and how I had to open the windows so unexpectedly great was the heat from it, but I can't. If I had been silly enough to to put a log burner onto my existing hearth and poke its flue up my own chimney I would have been a very naughty boy. A man from the council would have to been called in and given his approval before I could have done that, and as he didn't I obviously haven't.

All domestic combustion appliances are subject to Building Regulations. This is for the benefit of yourselves, and is not just a money grabbing exercise by the Building Control body.
Adequate ventilation and air replacement for the safe combustion process is required , fire risk to other buildings, fire risk to your home, locality of any combustible material to the flue ie floor joists etc,locality of windows etc to flue terminal, correct flue type for the combustion appliance etc,etc,etc are all issues which need to be satisfied for YOUR safety.
Another issue is conservation of fuel and energy, yes, again a building regulations issue, how do you know how efficient the proposed system will be???How do you know the appliance has been safely installed?????
Irrespective of whether it is a log burner or not IT IS A COMBUSTION APPLIANCE used for heating.
SAFETY FIRST and if your not qualified in these matters then seek professional advice. A simple call to your local Building Control body is the best advice, w'ere not monsters were here to help and protect you (some of you need protection from yourselves).


"Some of you need protection from yourselves"

Says it all really, doesn't it?

Oh and note the grammar - "If your [sic] not qualified..."

Mr. Bureaucrat, if you're not qualified to write English - and it appears you are not - then seek professional advice.

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