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Pants on Fire

The Reference Frame: Tropical troposphere: not warming

This is the graph of the day, discussed at Climate Audit.


The three complicated colorful lines are the temperature data for the tropical troposphere - where the warming should be most rapid - according to RSS MSU, UAH MSU, and CRU: they seem to almost fully agree with each other. In terms of words, there has been no warming over there since 1980...the IPCC predicts a warming of nearly 3 °C per century on the surface which should mean almost 5 °C for the hot spot in the tropical troposphere.

Al Gore should now ask his favorite question: Did the CO2 levels and Temperature levels ever fit together? Most ridiculous thing I ever heard. The relationship is very complicated, but there is one relationship that is more powerful than all the others and it is this. When there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature of the tropical troposphere doesn't give a damn. :-)

I don't expect Al Gore gives a damn either...

The Really Inconvenient Blog » Gore Pockets Another Cool Million

Al Gore has just won the Dan David Prize for social responsibility. Thats another $1 million...


Gore is still waiting for that Vice Presidency....

I'll go to Hawaii and make a direct examination...and report on how quickly the ice-cubes in my Mai-Tai melt.

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