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Only four meals away...

UN moves to head off food riots - Scotsman.com News

THE United Nations' secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, yesterday said he was setting up a task force to tackle the global food crisis, in an attempt to avert "social unrest on an unprecedented scale".
"The immediate priority is that we feed the hungry," Mr Ban said after a meeting with UN agency heads and other leading international officials in the Swiss capital, Berne.

THE UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's food price index, measuring market prices of cereals, dairy produce, meat, sugar and oils, rose 57 per cent in the year to March. The surge is due to increased demand in developing countries, higher fuel costs, drought in Australia, use of crops for biofuels and speculation on global commodity markets.

It is getting serious - many US restaurants have done the previously unthinkable and introduced smaller food portions served on smaller plates.

MI5’s maxim is that society is “four meals away from anarchy”. In other words, the security agency believes that Britain could be quickly reduced to large-scale disorder, including looting and rioting in the event of a catastrophe that stops the supply of food. So forget possible "climate change wars" that might take decades to forment it is the ever daily need to feed that is important.

As EU Referendum says:

What I find utterly bizarre about all this though – although perhaps I should not – is the way agriculture, food supplies and "climate change" have dropped out of British politics. But Cameron has bought into to the AGW myth, so the Conservatives are totally compromised, while the government is more concerned with the revenue-raising potential of environmental taxes than it is with the reality.

With agriculture being an EU "competence", that rules out any discussion on that issue, which means that the minor question of whether in the future we get to eat – or can afford what is on offer – is off-limits to our politicians. It is a funny old world, as a former prime minister once observed.


With agriculture being an EU "competence"

That's why I read this blog - for the jokes.

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