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Squeezing us dry.

Secret tax adds £200 to cost of running family cars - Times Online

Tens of thousands of families will have to pay up to £245 extra a year under new road tax rules after a covert government decision to include cars up to seven years old.

The Treasury admitted to The Times last night that it was quietly abolishing the exemption for older cars from the highest rates of vehicle excise duty. This means that owners of larger cars bought since March 2001 will find that their road tax will rise steeply from next April.

The increases are being introduced in two stages, with many owners who are now paying £210 a year being charged £300 in 2009 and up to £455 in 2010.

Those who try to sell their cars will find that the value has fallen sharply because of increases in fuel prices and road tax. The AA said that many people were falling into a “negative equity” trap, with their cars worth thousands of pounds less than outstanding loans.

Motoring groups said that it was unfair to penalise families who bought their cars several years ago, when people knew less about the consequences of CO 2 emissions.

Yep we certainly know more about CO2 emissions now than in 2001 - they are largely unrelated to global temperature but closely linked to the state's ability to mulct ever more money under a cloak of righteousness. Besides only crazy and probably dangerous individualists and libertarians actually want the "freedom" to drive themselves around when the ever benevolent state supplies transport to take us where it wants us to go when it suits it.


This was a sly move that somehow managed to get skipped out in the recent Budget. Funny, that.

It WAS picked up by quite a few blogs at the time, but I don't recall seeing it in any newpapers, or being raised in the next few days by politicians.

Rather like the 10p tax debacle...

Highway robbery again, its bad enough paying 66% of £1.20 a gallon of diesel to the fat one eyed jock and his mate the Badger!

It was a car-tax hike like this that finally got the citizenry sufficiently irate, and Governor Davis recalled and hauled down and out from office...

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