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School Lottery

Letters: Class war over Brighton's school lottery | Schools special reports | EducationGuardian.co.uk

We are a group of academics writing in support of Brighton and Hove city council's decision to introduce a new system for schools admissions, which combines fixed catchment areas with a lottery for oversubscribed schools. Together with new government rules on admissions policies, this decision indicates a welcome shift towards an educational system based on equal opportunities for all, rather than the privileged few.

For anybody involved in the education system in contemporary Britain, the starting point has to be fairness. As academics, we all too often meet students who, for reasons of social deprivation and class prejudice, have not had the same opportunities as their peers.....

Father commits suicide over daughter's school place - Telegraph

Steve Don, 43, threw himself under a train after telling his wife that if Brighton and Hove education authority would not listen to him while he was alive, “perhaps they will if I was dead”.

The inquest in Brighton heard that Mr Don, a surveyor, believed his inability to get his daughter into the chosen school made him an “unfit” parent. The school where she had originally been allocated a place was five miles from the family home in Brighton and two bus rides away.


There are two problems with the quotations. The first concern the comments of the "accedemics", fixed catchment + lottery for full schools will result in more equality. It will drag down the good whilst doing nothing for the bad. The second is to do with "5 miles to school on two buses", I travelled over 8 miles on two buses, so what. If there is good public transport that is not a problem, where do you think I did my homework. The problem is that there is no proper choice and pupils from the same area go to the same school.

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