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Cool Words on Global Warming

The Reference Frame: Nature: AMO will stop warming until 2020
Their conclusion? The predictions for a foreseeable future change dramatically. The MOC will weaken to its long-term mean. The Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and America will cool down slightly in the next decade while the Pacific Ocean won't change. In plain English, the AGW hoax may take timeout till 2018.

Their choice of words is a testimony of the political correctness.....

And there might be many other such terms; note that no paper so far has even properly combined the effects of ENSO, PDO, and AMO. Scientists might be ultimately allowed to study these sinful, mostly irrelevant (!!!) terms but they are not allowed to touch the greatness of the holy anthropomorphic God of global warming who is and who must be forever above all of them. ;-)



At the same site, US readers should note, as you mention, the PDO -

the Pacific Decadal Oscillation http://motls.blogspot.com/2008/04/nasa-cool-pdo-regime-begins.html
...In 1905, PDO switched to a warm phase.
...In 1946, PDO switched to a cool phase.
...In 1977, PDO switched to a warm phase.
...In 1998, PDO showed "a few" cool years.
...In 2008, PDO seems to be switching to a cool phase
Note that the cool phases seem to coincide with the periods of cooling (1946-1977) and the warm phases seem to coincide with periods of warming (1905-1946, 1977-1998).

Also those latest cool years seem to have been seven or eight in number, of eleven...

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