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There is only one Boris Johnson...

If Sam Tarran Were In Charge: Boris Is Mayor

"Let's get cracking tomorrow, but let's have a drink tonight".

Possibly the greatest quote in politics since "We'll fight on the beaches".

Done, as ordered.


Congrats Boris!

As an American that quote just makes me laugh so hard. Here in Puritan America our politicians could never say such a thing. They'd
be send down for reprogramming. None of the Three Stooges running for El Presidente would be caught dead even being photographed with drink in hand. It's just not done. Drink? Liquour? Think of the childrens!!!

BTW: Boris was born in New York. That makes him eligible to run for President. I'd certainly vote for him over the three chuckleheads we have running now.

So, I'll drink to Boris!

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