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The rise of anti-politic politics

Telegraph round up of over zealous officials

Disabled woman fined for permit slip-up
A traffic warden issued a £35 ticket to an 82-year-old sufferer of Parkinson's disease, who was asleep in a car, because her disabled parking badge was upside down.
Headmaster faces ban over fishing licence
Petite pensioner deemed a violent patient
Archbishop's aide charged over 20p mistake

One of the factors that contributed to Brown's disaster, and in Wales the collapse of the Labour vote and the Independents charging through the Valleys and seizing the reins is because there is an “anti-politician mood”. We are fed up of being ordered about. And Boris is a shrewd anti-politician politician. We don't want the Great Helmsman Brown "steering" us, we just want them all to just bugger off.


I have very little doubt that Brown could have clawed back some of his losses is only he'd pledged to get off people's back, stopped using the word "crackdown" all the time and promised to rein in the jobsworths. Everyone knows the global economy is in trouble and they might even forgive him for pissing away squillions of pounds. They might even forgive him for wrecking a really good private pension system. They could conceivably overlook his perfidious denial of a referendum. But one thing real Englishmen will not stand for is being ordered around by petty-minded little gauleiters. What was the second world war for if not to defeat fascism and jumped-up Nazis taking over our lives?

If "Call Me Dave" was to promise to sweep back this tide of bullying filth and the Brown punishment culture, he'd sweep to power with a majority as big as St Margaret's.

Yes, people are are sick and tired of being survilled and managed by people whose services are not worth tuppence.

"we just want them all to just bugger off."

Amen to that.

Or, in Wat's wonderful words "eff the effin eff off and never come back"

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The Great Eric Sykes summed it all up in a sketch about petty officials: "Give them a peaked hat," he said, "and they think they're Hitler."
Peaked-hat syndrome is exactly what we are suffering from today (we have to call it PHS in these days where one never uses words when an acronym will serve.)

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