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Hate the world competetiton

Green Central - Times Online - WBLG: Is your job bad for the Earth?

I've come up with a poll asking which jobs, or rather work sectors, are the least earth-friendly.

For a glimpse under the hood of the crazed green mind may I recommend the comments to this, such as:

People who work in pharmacology laboratories experimenting on animals and claim that it is for the good of human health. Adverse reactions to drugs are the 4th biggest human killer in the Western world and probably the second biggest murderer of animal life.

The industry encourages the consumption of animal produce which is the sector releasing the most green house gases. Do your bit and go vegan.

Pharmaceutical companies have ruined the balance between humans and our environment, what makes humans sick also poisons the planet, but with the help of animal tested drugs we can continue to rape and murder every life form without feeling the effects on humanity. For those who get depressed with society, there's always a magic pill to ensure you stop caring and keep working.

Human medication goes through us and pollutes the waterways, changing the gender of aquatic life and poisoning the seas.

Pharmaceutical companies prevent the worlds poorest from accessing medication which would reduce suffering, preferring to focus their attention on animal research into medications to help people suffering from diseases of affluence and laziness. ...


The bugger didn't even mention the mining industry. Makes me want to go and create a few oil leaj=ks and empty the return water dam from the plant into the veldt.

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