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Eurocrats and theocrats want our abasement

God, climate change and EU : May 2008 : Bruno Waterfield : Foreign : Telegraph Blogs

The Gods Squad, various clerics, imams, vicars, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, Grand Muftis (is there a collective noun for them?) and rabbis, all trooped into the European Commission’s Berlaymont HQ on Monday to fight the good fight against us “greedy” consumers and our nasty CO2 emissions.

It is perhaps fitting that an out of touch, unpopular and referendum-phobic EU should look for divine help. After all both the eurocrats and theocrats have plenty in common. Both are a pretty preachy bunch and like nothing more than to lay on the guilt trips. Most importantly, both derive their authority from a higher source than the public.

Climate change has become the new orthodoxy for our times.

Truly it is a religion, be afraid, very afraid.


It's also a lousy religion that calls for human sacrifice by a greedy priesthood. In the old days we had ways of dealing with such ecoThuggee.


A Cloud of Clerics.

Hey! Look on the bright side. At least they won't be burning us heretics at the stake.

My Dear Remittance Man, give the buggers time.

Fear not good people; over the pond there are those who spend considerable cerebral effort against the pro warming propaganda machine. Check out;

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