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Wee Dougie's Sister Upsets Gordon's Applecart

Wendy Alexander didn't tell Gordon Brown of plan over Scots referendum - Telegraph

Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader, announced her backing for a "Yes or No" vote on independence.

The U-turn was a further blow to the authority of the embattled Prime Minister who was not informed of Ms Alexander's announcement.

It also caused ruptures in Labour north and south of the Border with Westminster sources aghast at her move.

One Labour MP asked if Ms Alexander "was off her head", adding: "What is she thinking?"

Trying to lance the boil of the "neverendum" as has happened in Quebec in Canada. There, constant failures for the region to vote for independence have led independence parties to keep bringing the question back, and with Gordon's clunking fist relaxed for a moment she was able to slip out from under it and blather as she wanted toinstead of having to mouth his "British" platitudes.


You just have to laugh. Poor Gordon.

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