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Koala, the new poster bears of the greens

Global warming puts koalas under threat - Telegraph

Global warming will threaten the survival of koalas by making the eucalyptus leaves on which they feed toxic, scientists warned on Wednesday.

Australia's most endearing marsupial is already under threat from a severe drought and loss of habitat as housing encroaches on woodland.

But higher temperatures and increased carbon dioxide could shut down their food supply, leaving them to starve to death.

New research shows that the level of toxicity in the leaves of eucalyptus saplings rises, and their nutrient content falls, when they are exposed to higher levels of carbon dioxide.

Just when I have stopped worrying about the Polar Bears, now it is cuddly Koalas....


When was the speciation event that engendered Koalas? Apparently there are fossil Koalas dated to 20 million years ago. How many times in the intervening period have temperatures and carbon dioxide levels been higher than they are now? Why didn't Koalas go extinct earlier? Because this is a load of old cobblers, that's why.

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