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Amazing Discovery! (For pre-internet times...)

Victorian men's guide to looking your best - Telegraph

..A recent discovery shows that the men of the 1800s were just as worried about looking good.

The Young Man's Own Book, published in London in 1832, was a must-have for those wanting to impress the girls and look their best.

The book warned against dressing in "absurd finery" and cautioned that some men "may paint or powder themselves so much and dress so finically to suppose they are women in boys' clothes".

As for the age-old art of wooing the opposite sex, the 300-page pocket-sized book covered everything from how to trim one's fingernails to how long to spend lazing in bed.

"A foul mouth and unclean hands are certain marks of vulgarity," it said.

Readers were also warned: "Beware of treating ladies as mere playthings."

The book will be auctioned this month after being found at a house in Burton upon Trent, Staffs.

All good advice no doubt, but don't journalists have Google? - the first search result shows this book for sale for £25 in a bookshop....


Queen Victoria became Queen on 20 June 1837 so doesn't the Telegraph mean Regency men?

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