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Giving Blair an ASBO

ASBOs quietly dropped as most young offenders ignore them - Times Online

One of Labour’s main policies to tackle yobbish disorder is facing a slow death after figures published yesterday showed a sharp drop in antisocial behaviour orders.

As they declined, the number of people breaching the terms of their orders rose to almost a half. Among juveniles the rate is 61 per cent and among adults it is 43 per cent, according to the Home Office figures. The overall breach rate is now 49 per cent.

ASBOs were a key initiative of Tony Blair to help to improve the lives of people affected by yobbish behaviour on estates and in town centres.

The Respect Task Force, which led the antisocial behaviour drive, was disbanded and the Respect Commissioner, Louise Casey, was given a new job as head of a Cabinet Office review of crime and communities.

All those announcements, all those initiatives, all that money - just so much flim-flam. Politicians have too much time on their hands and waste it, and everybody else's, with their never ending "calls for action". They should be getting down to the boring work of actually managing the out of control state institutions we already have, but that is too hard and doesn't make the evening news.


Just what Gordon Brown needs - another humiliating Labour climbdown.

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