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The elephant

Christopher Booker - Telegraph

Thank heavens for Jeff Randall. In all the coverage of last week's devastating Government report on the collapse of our postal services, nowhere was there any mention of the key part played in the disaster by the EU - until Mr Randall broke media silence in Friday's Daily Telegraph.

Yet the report itself made no secret of the fact that the trouble has been our dutiful compliance with EU postal directives,... Other EU countries, as it says, have not been idiotic enough to comply.

But in another glaring instance of that familiar "elephant in the room" syndrome, the EU's part in this awful story was wholly ignored - until Mr Randall delivered his blast on Friday. Still one wonders how any journalist who had actually read the report - just 36 pages long - could have missed it.

Especially when some bloggers spotted it.


From what I understand, Trixy made Randall aware of those various comments too.

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