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Take two tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate and what do you get?


A green and verdant field of wheat ready to feed the world!

And in other news Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe arrived today ready to be fattened up...


Looks like I'm going to be alright for the winter!


Or an enormous bang. In the early 1920s several tens of thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate blew up in Ludgigshafen Germany as a result of criminal carelessness and destroyed a whole suburb.

So that's why sausages are called bangers.

Take two tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate and what do you get?

Add a few gallons of diesel or used engine oil, a pinch of some other commonly available household ingredients; then, as Frank says, faster than you can say "regime change," you have the means to create a very impressive bang.

I guess the question one would have to ask oneself would be: Is it more valuable being used to feed the masses or for large scale urban improvement?

Gerry Adams would have answered that question differently.

Yeah, but Gerry Adams is a pig, so what did you expect?

Mmmmm... bacon.

Two tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate and what do you get?

... another day older, and deeper in shit ... ?

Alan Douglas

As an Englishman, can you say 'ton'? There's no need for this foreign 'tonne' nonsense, is there, unless you want to ram home the point that it's 1000Kg and not 2240lb, which are measures that are quite close together?

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