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The Duke, The Prince and The Paupers

Prince Philip questions benefits of organic farms - Telegraph

The Duke of Edinburgh has publicly challenged the benefits of organic farming, one of the Prince of Wales's greatest passions.

In a television interview with Sir Trevor McDonald on a tour of the Queen's Sandringham estate, the Duke talks openly about conservation, animal welfare and soaring food prices.

"The food prices are going up – everyone thinks it's to do with not enough food, but it's really that demand is too great, too many people,'' he said.

The two-part documentary is to be screened on Monday at 9pm on ITV1. and concludes at the same time on Tuesday.

The old boy speaks a lot of sense, it's a pity we don't hear more of it.


And he didn't manage to insult foreign farmers as well!

Too many people?

He's nothing but an old Malthusian, then.

Been wrong before - on just about everything now I come to think of it.

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