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BA 777 crash - don't know what caused it but it wasn't Gordon, really it wasn't...

Heathrow crash landing 'could have been caused by cold weather' - Telegraph

Cold weather over Russia could explain a British Airways Boeing 777 crash landed at Heathrow in January, flight investigators have said.
In its latest report the Air Accidents Investigation Branch has focused on the “region of particularly cold air” between the Urals and Eastern Scandinavia.

It found that temperatures plummeted to -76C, far lower than would have been expected.

They have established that the fuel used on the aircraft was of high quality.

While the average freezing temperature of aviation fuel is -47C, tests on what was on this flight showed that it did not turn to ice until -57C.

Tests also found that the fuel temperature throughout the flight never dropped below -34C.

“There might have been an issue with viscosity – with the fuel becoming thicker and flowing less well,” said David Learmount, operations and safety editor at Flight International. “This report takes us absolutely nowhere, I think they still have no idea.”

Its experts have also discounted electromagnetic interference from jamming devices which were claimed to have been used to protect the Gordon Brown’s motorcade as he arrived at Heathrow.

So one plane, and one plane only, whose fuel didn't get very cold, crashes at Heathrow because it is a bit chilly in the Urals, yes of course, couldn't possibly be anything to do with flying too close to the one eyed Jonah... (click for more details)


I have two questions:
1. How on Earth can kerosene "turn to ice"? - Please explain this wonderful example of space-age alchemy.
2.What was the WISM on the fuel on board this aircraft?

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