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Failing the examiners

Education: Pupils 'should not expect correct marking' - Telegraph

GCSE and A-level students should not always expect to receive the correct marks in tests, according to the new examinations watchdog.

Kathleen Tattersall, the chairman of Ofqual, said the public had a "simplistic" expectation that the marking system should be "perfect".

Don't start condescending to us lady, you demand the kids get the right answers so we expect the examiners to do so too. Not "perfect" but as near as humanly possible to perfect; these exams are hugely important and let me put it simply, it's your bloody job to do it right. If you set the bar low and excuse your staff making cockups before you start then you aren't the person for the job.


Absolutely! Anyway, if this the approach you're taking to grading then it's not the students you need to tell. The people you should be informing are the universities, colleges and employers...

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