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Health and Safety Advice - "tuck the thin leather strap up inside the helmet"

Helmets will roll after police ban chin straps - Telegraph

Police officers have been ordered not to wear the chin straps of their traditional Custodian helmets because too many wear them "inappropriately" on their bottom lip.

West Midlands Police chiefs sent an email to all male officers after reports that some were balancing the thin leather straps on their mouths or pretending they were "some form of fashion accessory".

The officers were told to "tuck the thin leather strap up inside the helmet", or face disciplinary procedures.

Stuart Hyde, an assistant chief constable, said the decision was made only after taking "independent health and safety advice"...

At least it will make it easier to knock off a Policeman's helmet on Boat Race night....


Has the manufacturer of the toppers been given new specifications deleting the strap, and has a change of price reflecting this been made and accepted?

Or must the strap be retained as a Health and Safety measure?

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