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Tagged and banned

Ex-Grenadier Guardsman, 73, is ordered to wear an electronic tag - Times Online

A 73-year-old former Grenadier Guardsman has been ordered to wear an electronic tag after he was convicted of failing to report an accident.

Peter Ogden was ordered by a judge at Bath Magistrates' Court to wear the tag to ensure that he abides by a 4pm to 11pm curfew. He was also given a one-year driving ban and a £60 fine.

Ogden, from Keynsham, near Bristol, who insisted that he was not involved and stopped only to check if an injured person needed assistance, is to appeal.

Ogden was driving home in November last year when a woman ran in front of another vehicle. She was badly injured and he stopped to check whether any help was needed.

He said that when he heard that another passer-by had dialled 999 he drove off.

It was when he called into a police station the next day to inquire about the woman that he was arrested. The victim's DNA was found on his vehicle and he was suspected of having run her over.

He was charged later with failing to stop at the scene of an accident.

When the case came to court the Crown offered no evidence. He was, however, charged with the lesser offence of failing to report an accident.

Excessive? Only if you hold the old fashioned view that the state needs to charge you and prove you did the crime you are to be punished for...


Next time it could be my 75-year-old father that the police "bang up". What's happened to this country? Why are the police picking on elderly people with heart conditions when thugs walk free? Surely we are now living in a police state. And for all those Guardianistas who argue that we aren't, I'd love to hear their definition of a police state. Apparently we aren't a police state now, but we were when the miners' strike was on and Mrs Thatcher was in government. How easily these people fool themselves.

If David Cameron promised to revisit the Draconian powers that New Labour has appropriated for its state servants, the British public would be eternally grateful. The concept of zero tolerance has turned us into an intolerant society. Is that what we want? Do we really want a continental, paramilitary gendarmerie-style police force?

I was given a tagging order after pleading guilty, the court said, I had not hurt anybody, I was culpable at the lowest level, I was not dishonest and not fraudulent, they said, we will give you the lowest level of punishment that they were able.
I was guilty of walking without a stick for more than 50yds and playing a guitar on stage with a friend.
I fell of a crane at Felixstowe docks in 1990, I was damaged for life, and I was only able to do these things from time to time, albeit with the help of prescribed drugs and excessive alcohol.
I was awarded back both my ‘Industrial disablement injuries benefit’ and “Incapacity benefit” both these were awarded, with the help from ‘the disability advice centre’ until 2015.
My curfew is between 20:00 to 06:00, that’s acceptable, but, I must wear this tag 24 hours a day for 3 months, plus I had a fine of £312 to pay.
My conclusion:
What is not acceptable is the fact that I am physiologically and physically been imprisoned by stealth for 3 months.

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