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I Hate Gordon Brown - Entry No. 1,490,001

The age of personal vitriolic abuse | Magnus Linklater - Times Online

Do we live in an age of hatred? Or has the language of political insult simply become more extreme? Tap the words “I hate Gordon Brown” into Google, and it comes up with 1,490,000 entries...

The internet does, of course, encourage extreme reaction - or perhaps just the reaction of extremists - but some of the online comments made about public figures today are the kind you might once have expected to see confined to the mad threats of a serial killer....

Here is one sentence, culled from a recent national newspaper leader (OK, the Daily Express, which some might argue scarcely qualifies for the name): “They [British voters] know their Premier to be a neurotic, dysfunctional mediocrity; an insecure Stalinist who worships power but cannot take a decision; a moral and political coward who tries to fill the vacuum at the heart of his leadership with blustering rhetoric and adolescent bullying.”

Elsewhere, the barely concealed suggestions that Mr Brown is psychologically flawed, even autistic, possibly mad, that he cannot communicate, is hopelessly insecure, an inept loner incapable of running his own life let alone that of the nation,....

We should also remember that these political figures are also human beings. I cannot imagine what Mr Brown - to say nothing of Mrs Brown - feels when he reads the daily litany of insults delivered to his door. I imagine he suffers.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?” asked Shylock; even prime ministers, I guess, have feelings.

There wouldn't be any fun in insulting him if he didn't.


" I cannot imagine what Mr Brown - to say nothing of Mrs Brown - feels when he reads the daily litany of insults delivered to his door."

Do they actually imagine that he reads them...?

When you behave like Gordon Brown has done towards this country and the voters, he deserves all the abuse he gets. Blair was never subject to these taunts because he never did anything to deserve them.

For about 5 minutes recently I started to feel a bit sorry for the one eyed cunt. Then I thought for a bit about what the fucker has done to the country I once loved and I thought Fuck him, he deserves it.

I just tried this -- it's now 1530000.

Ickle diddums FEEWINGS hurt are they?

Well, I'll tell you this, you disgusting Labour vermin.

When I work for 5 1/2 months a year to pay the taxes that you thieving scum
piss away on the bloated cancer of the public sector, my feelings are a
little hurt too.

Unlike you, however, I can't solve the problem by saying
'I don't want to do this any more'.

now look what you've done !

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,600,000 for I hate Gordon Brown.

Well, I've called for Brown's public hanging at Tyburn in the comments pages of the Telegraph. I'm only half-kidding. When someone with Brown's curious mixture of hubris and incompetence has sacrificed a couple of trillion pounds' worth of economic development on the altar of his insane tax-and-spend policies, the penalty should be extraordinarily harsh. I remember reading (I think it was a Ron Bailey book, but it might have been Bolch and Lyons' Apocalypse Not) that raising the incomes of UK factory workers in the 70's by 20% would have had an effect on longevity equal to eliminating all workplace accidents. By making us poorer, Brown's ineptitude has actually cost people their lives (or portions of them). In other words, he is guilty of KILLING PEOPLE. One might not be able to point out a particular instance (although the death toll through iatrogenic infections is a pretty good marker). But we know, statistically, that Brown's policies have impoverished and immiserated millions. The Telegraph reported a couple of days ago that the average family has about £50 real disposable income a week (i.e. about a fifth of mine, in a country where the cost of living is about a quarter of the UK's).

On second thoughts, hanging's too good for him.

i hope brown lasts another year.gives us a chance to rebuild hades wall to keep the one eyed prick down in engaaland your welcome to the numpty.

i want to smash gordon browns mush in and nub his wife up the bum , i guess shes not getting much as stress affects your pecker, stiff upper lip ey gordy!

Well done man in Blackburn but you should have succeeded with Brown. You nearly did this country and millions of people a great service. Do us all a favour and just die. Take your theiving MP bastards with you. It won't be long i hope before someone is successful. Well Done blackburn. You have destroyed this country.

"a moral and political coward who tries to fill the vacuum at the heart of his leadership with blustering rhetoric"

That is Gordon Brown all right....

A man who was Chancellor for 9 years, and during that time, like an Assassin, just kept a square jaw, a deep voice, and an inscrutable scowl, while squandering Britain's North Sea Oil wealth and despite numerous examples of wastefulness, somehow earned the Left's respect for "being a good hand at till of the Economy". Then when Caesar was struck down, he was blithely ready to step into the job of Prime Minister, and at no point did he take any responsibility for the state of the country's Financial System, but allowed Alistair Darling to bear the brunt.

The man has been a coward of immeasurable baseness in my estimation, and I loathe him as I loathe all cowards, but I loathe him more because his cowardice has cost us all these years, and still costs us.

I simply can't believe the damage this buffoon has caused this once great country.

How can such a man be our Prime minister?

We are close to financial ruin and yet he refuses to accept any responsibility? How thick skinned can you be?

He needs to go ... He needs to go now

He disgusts me!

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