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Bloody TB tests

TB blood test has bloody results - Telegraph
Tom Maidment of Wiltshire. Thirty-one of his cows were condemned by Defra after blood testing had shown them as positive, and he pleaded in vain with London to have them skin-tested.

When his local Animal Health Office, unaware of London's refusal, ordered that skin tests be carried out, not a single animal showed any sign of TB. Defra's response was that the cows must all nevertheless be destroyed. Who gives a fig for science when someone else is footing the bill - and the courts are there to support you?

(Tom is my cousin and No.2 Son helped with the TB tests as work experience, so I know the depth of anger and frustration this madness is causing.)


What's happening with the foot and mouth outbreak caused by this government?

It's all gone very quiet.

thought that was one of the "crises" enginered last summer by the Nu Broon regime to make Gord look in charge in his first 100 days.

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