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Natural England - Fighting for survival

England's wildlife 'facing fight for survival' - Telegraph

England's green and pleasant land is under threat and must be better managed if it is to survive, a report warned on Sunday.

More intensive use of the land and sea, economic development and the threats posed by climate change are piling on the pressure, putting the survival of wildlife in danger, claims Natural England..which is responsible for looking after the countryside.

In other news:

grough - Axe falls as Natural England announces budget
... 150 staff are being made redundant in a bid to save £4m.
... cutbacks in Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs budgets.


Well what do you expect when that moron of a housing minister, Caroline Flint says that Milton Keynes is more environmentally friendly than the fast disappearing Buckinghamshire countryside that surrounds it.

Labour came to power in 1997 on a ticket of decentralisation. They gave power to the Scots and Welsh - but in England have relentlessly tightened its grip. It's all about central control - the non elected regional quangos are nothing more than nodding dogs - tasked with shoving through millions of houses and huge infrastructure projects. All they do is obey ministers.

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