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Name an Iceberg

Scott Polar Research Institute challenge children to name enormous iceburg - Times Online
Children aged between 3 and 12 are invited to suggest a name that will be adopted by the United States National Ice Centre, which tracks icebergs using satellite technology. It will be the first time that an iceberg will be referred to by anything other than its number and co-ordinates. The iceberg, at present known by the codename C19A, was created in May 2002 when it broke away from the Ross ice shelf. It was 2,480 sq miles (6,420 sq km) but has shrunk to 1,985 sq miles, making it larger than Northumberland.

Icebergs this big are created every three to five years. Scientists need to monitor them to enhance their understanding of climate change.

Witty and original names, avoiding those of living people, can be submitted to hayfestival.com/iceberg.

Blow - the link doesn't work and I had so many good names thought up....


I tried to add a whimsical comment about their spelling - but it was "not chosen for publication" (and I was careful to avoid mentioning the EU!)

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