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When the state fails to protect us

The teenage crimewave the state could not stop - Scotsman.com News

Daniel Sweeney had the misfortune to be confronted by a self-professed thug who had been out of control since the age of 11, when he first carried out a frenzied stabbing...

Cornelius first hit the headlines in October 2000, when, as an 11-year-old, he carried out a knife attack on a girl of nine.

He abducted the girl from her grandmother's house, stabbed her eight times – narrowly missing the artery in her throat – and left her for dead near the Fountain Park leisure complex in Edinburgh.

He was not prosecuted for attempted murder because he was shown to have a mental age of less than eight, the age of criminal responsibility.

Cornelius was dealt with at a children's panel hearing and ordered to spend 17 months in secure accommodation.

However, he was released after only eight months,....

If the State won't protect us from these thugs, then the bargain that we forswear our rights to self defence in return for its protection is broken.


"The sentence effectively means Cornelius will remain behind bars until a panel of experts say he is safe for release."


Well, I'm reassured...

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