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The Telegraph asks why Britons are fleeing the UK

Why are so many Britons emigrating? - Telegraph

Two million British citizens have left the UK in a decade, the greatest exodus from the country in almost a century.

The Office of National Statistics is expected to release figures later today showing that more than Two million Britons emigrate in 10 years
In the same year, over 500,000 foreign nationals arrived in the UK, which gives a total of almost four million immigrants over a decade.
Why are so many Britons emigrating?
Is it the prospect of a better life elsewhere, or are British citizens repelled by life in their native land?
Has globalisation made it easier to settle abroad?
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Can't think why at all......


Search me. I can't see what the problem is. Personally I think we live in one of the most caring societies in the world. Look at the evidence. The government takes care of us by placing CCTV cameras on every street corner for our protection; it takes care of our health by warning us about excessive drinking, eating and smoking; it spends our low taxes wisely and treats us like adults. It even invites in lots of foreign workers so we can all have cheap builders and nannies. It beats me why so many people are leaving.

I share Mark's bewilderment. Pensioners who get out of hand by upbraiding high-spirited youngsters are subject to immediate arrest; the country is run by unproductive but bossy middle-class persons who are thus not a burden on the real economy; professionals, whether teachers, doctors, or policemen are excluded from a say in how their institutions are run, and the statistics bear out the benefits; the poor are made to pay their fair share of taxes; the country is a lawyer's paradise.

I could go on. What's not to like?

I heard a marvellous quote somewhere that summed up modern Britain. "Imagine a Birkenstock stamping on your face forever." Oh so true.

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