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Levantine Lament and Lessons

EU Referendum: reports on a clinical analysis of an important series of events, where the blogosphere took on the MSM and challenged its partisan and mendacious reporting of the Lebanese War in the summer of 2006.

It is interesting that, of the blogs mentioned, most were American. This was the only significant British blog that took up the issue, which was largely (with some honourable exceptions) ignored by other UK-based political blogs. If that is a reflection of something, I am not sure quite what. Perhaps, others can explain the narrowness of vision that seems to pervade our blogosphere.

I think there are two points, firstly with Richard's excellent work there was little for us other Brits to add. Though when I did point out a couple of staged photos it was roundly ignored - was that because they were posed to raise sympathy for Israeli victims?

And secondly unlike the United States, and maybe it is wrong of us, most of us don't really give a damn about Israel and the squabbling children of Abraham. A pox on all their houses would be the general view. Sorry, I know we should care, but our plate's full as it is.


Do you really need a picture to be sympathetic to terror victims? How much blood would you like with your closeup of warporn? Or, do the actual facts suffice? And, are you suggesting that the Israelis get into manipulations of the truth like the Pallywood stars do?

I can see why you don't want to know about Israel and it's plight, but a short peek at history and current power relations will quickly tell you that the UK and the West cannot escape history, so your attempt at neutrality is futile. Without Israel around to keep a lid on the pressure cooker, your plate will get even fuller.

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