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Hat tips, Blog Etiquette and a Wallace

Guido , as do most bloggers, properly acknowledges his source when it is another blog, in the etiquette of blogdom he "Hat tips" them.

I recently noted another had beaten him to a story and suggested a hat tip was in order. On reflection I think I was wrong and apologize. What we need is another term for a blogger to acknowledge priority, in that they acknowledge another blogger was first, but that at the time of writing their post they were unaware of it. This a concept that is alien to the MSM but one that the good manners of bloggers need.

May I suggest a "Wallace"?

If I note that another blogger has beaten me to a story but I was unaware of it at the time I will give them a Wallace; If I have sourced a story from another blog I will give them a Hat tip.

I commend it to the house, what do you think?



Brits at their Best wrote about The Deniers on May 19 - http://www.britsattheirbest.com/001988.php

However, despite your chivalrous notion that you might honour us with a Wallace, we are in your debt, as our previous links to your brilliant blog suggest, so we'll call it a Bruce, and leave it at that.

All the best always,


In principle I think it's a good idea, but I wonder if there won't be problems. Hat tipping a known source is right and proper (although sometimes overlooked in the heat of the moment). But if an idea is arrived at seperately one might not discover this for ages. Does one go back and edit one's previous post or is a new post acknowledging the independent work necessary?

Also wouldn't such a formalised form of etiquette open up the possibility of inter blogger conflict? Wallace Wars, if you will.

I think the phrase "nothing new under the sun" is powerful. It happens. Think if this catches on it will be known as a "Wally"

This thought has also been troubling me. I think Wallaces are a good idea, as we all want to try to be the one who finds key stuff first, but it can't always happen like that: some of us are more awake - or lucky - than others.

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