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Depression heads Britain's way, it's all Harold Wilson's fault.

Bank Holiday rain and gales expected as depression heads Britain's way - Times Online
Rain, cold temperatures, gusty winds and a possibility of gales — the meteorological misery that is the late May Bank Holiday will be playing to type again this year.

Ever since 1967, when Harold Wilson’s Government replaced the moveable Whitsun holiday with a fixed one in late spring, this has been a thoroughly nerve-racking holiday, with 27 of the 40 so far having been spoilt by heavy rain.

Any thoughts of a pleasant weekend will be washed away by forecasts of rain, rain and more rain, all of it carried on a stiff and very chilly wind.

Still it will be cheery and sunny compared to the bunker at No.10!


"with 27 of the 40 so far having been spoilt by heavy rain"

Southend really needs to consider shifting its airshow.... :)

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