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Recycling Bins too Dangerous for Refuse Operatives.

Elderly asked to empty their own bins to spare binmen's backs - Telegraph
Thousands of residents are being told to help empty their own wheelie bins because they pose a potential health hazard for binmen.

Council officials...claim that the bins are at an "awkward height", making it difficult for binmen to remove the containers – for cans and glass - without a risk of strain and injury.

However, residents say the request is disgusting, asking why they should have to lift containers deemed too heavy for manual workers.....

Julie Ward, 40, a resident from Cross Hills, North Yorks, said: "When I think about it, I crack up laughing. The binmen are being lazy. It's just so annoying that we've got to start doing half their job for them."

Jean Ainsworth, 80, added: "I only put the rubbish out once a month because the pods are too heavy for me. It makes me wonder what I'm paying council tax for."

Me too.


I suppose redesigning the bins is out of the question....?

Suppose a resident gets injured due to the request to manhandle the bin... can they sue?

JuliaM says, "I suppose redesigning the bins is out of the question....?"

I also suspect that sacking the silly buggers who specified and ordered them is also out of the question...... still I expect lessons have been learned... so that's OK then.

A rubbish initiative.

You only have to look at the picture of the bin to see that they are a stupid design.

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