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Para Compensation

Sex-change paratrooper wins £250,000 for ‘hurt feelings’ - Times Online

A former paratrooper who had a sex-change operation has won a £250,000 payout for hurt feelings after being ordered to wear a man’s army uniform.

Jan Hamilton, formerly Captain Ian Hamilton, was awarded the sum by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in an out-of-court settlement after claiming that she was humiliated by the order.

The size of the payout will outrage veterans who have received far lower awards for being injured in the line of duty. Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, 23, who lost both legs and suffered brain damage after triggering a Taliban landmine was initially offered £152,000. Although described by doctors as the worst injured soldier ever to survive, the MoD only raised his payout to £285,000 after a campaign from soldiers’ families.

According to current MoD settlements soldiers receive £57,000 for the loss of a leg and £285,000 for the loss of both arms or legs.

Yesterday Hamilton said she was happy with the settlement. Of the payouts to other soldiers, she said: “I count my blessings I came home in one piece. My thoughts go out to anyone serving out there in a uniform.”

I bet they do, Love....


Why do the media persist in referring to these cases as 'she' or 'he', when it's patently obvious that they have NOT had a 'sex change'. They have merely had cosmetic surgery. They are NOT the sex they now claim to be, no matter what their bits of paper say....

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha, you CAN't make it up anymore!

Just rereading it he/she says “I count my blessings I came home in one piece" - um, I would have thought that didn't quite describe the outcome of the operation....

If I rightly recall (and it was a long time ago) the candidate for the
Pakistan Eunuchs Party campaigning in the Lahore East by-election was
routinely referred to by the media as 'he'. This even though the candidate's
slogan was 'Men and Women have both had their chance, and messed it up.
Now vote for us'.

Sadly, he (she or it) lost his deposit.

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