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Target Addiction

Patients face quiz over drink habits - Scotsman.com News

A MULTIMILLION pound scheme has been launched to halt serious alcohol problems before they take hold in drinkers who are unaware they are exceeding safe limits.
Doctors, nurses and dentists across Scotland will be trained to quiz thousands of patients about their drinking habits and offer counselling to those breaching safe levels.

Women who regularly drink more than three units a day and men who drink more than five will be subjected to a 'brief intervention', where NHS staff will warn them about the dangers of alcohol, ask them to cut back on their drinking and tell them to return for a follow-up appointment...

Despite it emerging last year that guidelines on safe alcohol consumption are not based on clear evidence, the strategy is using the 1987 figures because no credible alternative has been provided by researchers....

Health boards have a target of offering up to 150,000 Scots identified as 'hazardous drinkers' help ranging from leaflets and guidance to extensive counselling...... Paying GPs up to £200 a patient to carry out brief interventions and monitor progress;

Health boards are expected to meet targets in line with other responsibilities and will be accountable to the Scottish Government if they fail..

Incentives matter! Looks like the Doc will soon find enough patients to justify £200 in the back pocket and the bureaucrats will fulfill their target - that is what really matters! Maybe they should start cutting down on targets, istead of four a day get it down to one or two, and then try to go cold turkey and spend a whole week without reaching for a target....


And of course, as we know, the "safe" limits being used to drive these nosey-parker sessions are simply made up out of thin air.

My doc had better not ask me how many "units" I drink. If he does, the answer will be short and sharp.

I don't like being rude but sometimes it is necessary

My doctor asked one how much I drank. I answered "35".

"Thirty five units a week?" screeched the old harridan.

"No" said I. "Thirty five pints."

"Eeek Eeek Liver Damage Yada Yada Government Guidelines Etc Etc" she replied.

I had a liver function test, natch.
Of course, I was in hospital the next day with the illness the stupid
cow had completely overlooked in her alcohol-related disease.

But who cares? She met the government guidelines and it doesn't matter
how many of your patients die if you do that.

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