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Teaching them a lesson for life

Schools in revolt over under-5s curriculum - Times Online

A powerful coalition of England’s leading independent schools is demanding that the Government scale back its new national curriculum for the under-fives, claiming that it violates parents’ human rights by denying them the freedom to choose how they educate their children....
The framework becomes law in the autumn and will affect all 25,000 nurseries and childcare settings in England, whether they are run by the state, charities or private companies. It sets out up to 500 developmental milestones between birth and primary school and requires under-fives to be assessed on 69 writing, problem solving and numeracy skills....

The ISC also complains that the requirements for teachers to produce written observations on each child will result in teachers “acting as time and motion experts hovering around children with clipboards, Post-it notes and cameras to collect ‘evidence’ ”.

Ah, but that is just preparing the kids for life in modern Britain; spied on, reported on, judged on, Government target driven robots.


Now there's a co-incidence, I wrote to my council a couple of days ago asking them for details of how they intend to indoctrinate my children with Britishness as per No Mandate Brown's no mandate instructions and quoting the European Convention on Human Rights.

Does Guy Fawkes have any descendants?

Just askin', is all...

Common purpose (take a deep breath before you Google it) in clear action.
Where did they get the HJ manual, I wonder?
Stasi meets Fourth Reich

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